nurturing a curious, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindest amongst African youth.

Who we are

Creative Nestlings is a creative network + a research & development agency committed to nurturing a curious, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset amongst African youth on the continent + diaspora. We were founded to create an ecosystem where young African creatives can thrive, build sustainable businesses and communities; pushing the continent forward.

What we do?

Community is At the foundation of Creative Nestlings, we believe as catalyst for Young Africans we have the ability to gather and create an environment for creatives to share, connect and creative. With this in mind we have over the years created talks, content platforms, hubs and funding opportunities and this has created a great community that learns together.


The Young African Creative Network consists of a photographers, writers, illustrators, playwrights, account managers, engineers, developers, illustrators, film-makers, designers, publishers, researchers, bloggers, architects, radio personalities, art directors, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, educators, fashion designers, stylists, authors in cities spread out from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Toronto, Port Louis, Accra, Lusaka, Maputo, Harare all the way to Brooklyn & Aarhus.

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All our work is informed by the creatives that we surround ourselves with. Through our digital platforms we are able to engage creatives candidly and some of these conversations are then published and distributed via our platforms. The creatives we engage share their journeys, insights and ideas with the aim to inspire and spark dialogue. The conversations are primarily published on our website, we have also added Podcasts on Soundcloud, videos on Youtube and publishing a book and a magazine.

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Creative Talks

Our main form of enagagement with the creative community is through our talk series #Conversations On Creativity. We have held over 35 talks across 4 countries featuring over 140 creatives from all walks of life. The purpose of the talks is to inspire and create a safe space for creatives to engage with one another. There are four forms of these talks; fireside 3 way conversations, panel discussions, roundtable discussions and our annual conference.
The success of these talks have led us to partner with the British Council on their #CreativeHustles series across Southern Africa.

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Nestlings Awards

As a network creatives we have seen the need to regularly celebrate our fellow designers, illustrators, artists, musicians, filmmakers, architects, engineers, developers, educators, fashion designers, publishers, entrepreneurs, place makers using their creativity to build business, programs, hubs, magazine, branding solutions, homes etc.
The awards are open to anyone between ages of 18 - 35 on the continent and African diaspora. Nominations & Votes are open for a given a period so don't miss a chance to nominate (even yourself) and vote for those you feel deserve the celebration

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Through our engagements with creatives we saw the need for "physical hubs"; spaces where creatives would work from, experiment, connect and ultimately collaborate. Our first space was in partnership with Boaston Society Cape Town where we shared a corner in the store; then we partnered up with J&B Whisky, Blacknation & IU to create the J&B Hive. In 2016 we launchd our first ever official space The NEST Space in the heart of Cape Town and this space served as space to work from, exhibit, test out their ideas and host their activities. We looking to create more spaces in the next few months and are currently doing research on the impact of hubs in SADC.

on the pulse of creative youth and creating new forms of partnerships.

Over the years we have partnered up with organisations to create a better landscape for young African creatives, these partnerships have come in different forms but ultimately impact young creatives.

J&B Whisky
Grants Whisky
J&B Whisky
Cape Town Partnership
British Council

Our work makes waves

We think they talking about us

Creative Nestlings was best known for the Conversations on Creativity series they held. These were free events that brought together industry professionals and emerging creatives to meet and share knowledge. It was at these conversations that industry professionals and brands became accessible — where our heroes were revealed to be flesh and blood.

- Mail & Guardian

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